Municipal Court FAQs


 How long do I have to take care of my citation?

You have you have 10 business days from the date of the offense to take care of your citation. You can take care of it by mail or in person. A telephone call does not constitute an appearance.

 Can anyone take care of my citation for me?

State law will only allow a licensed attorney to act on the behalf of someone else.

 Do I have to have an attorney to represent my case?

No, you may retain an attorney but you do not have to have one. As this is a fine only offense, the court will not appoint an attorney.

 What forms of payment does the Godley Municipal Court accept?

Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Orders, Mastercard and Visa

 How much is my citation?

Please contact the Municipal Court for general questions regarding the cost of your citation. Please remember that a telephone call does not constitute an appearance.