Garbage FAQs


 Who is the City's garbage collection service provided by?

The City of Godley contracts with Frontier Waste Solutions for collection services.  Please visit their website at the following address:

Frontier Waste Solutions


 How do I begin receiving garbage collection service?

For residential service, contact City Hall at 817-389-3539, or in person at 200 W. Railroad St. Garbage service is setup when a water account is activated.

Basic service is $18.00 per month and includes one container.  Each additional container is $8.00 per month.  Service will be billed monthly from either the City of Godley or Johnson County Special Utility District depending on who supplies your water service.

For commercial service, contact Frontier Waste Solutions directly at 888-854-2905.

 What are my garbage collection days?

Residential collection occurs on Friday unless it is a holiday or due to bad weather. Commercial collection occurs on Monday and Thursday. Residential bulk trash collection is always the last Wednesday of the month.  To arrange bulk pickup, you must call Frontier Waste at 888-854-2905.  

 How do I dispose of hazardous waste materials or bulk waste?

Household hazardous waste pickup is provided by our contracted garbage collection company once a month.  To schedule pickup, please call 972-440-2040 or online at

Items must be in original containers with labels.  

Acceptable items include: used motor oil and filters, antifreeze, batteries, paint, solvents and varnish, pool chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, cleaning products, paint strippers/thinners, fluorescent bulbs, engine degreaser, brake and transmission fluids, gasoline, diesel, kerosene.

Not accepted: medical and pharmaceutical items, explosives, fireworks, ammunition, asbestos containing materials, industrial/commercial/business waste, radioactive materials, large propane cylinders or other compressed gases, or any items without original labels or without caps/lids. 

 Does the City credit bills if our garbage isn't picked up?

No. The Garbage Fee is not based on frequency of collection. If the trash is set out by 7:00 a.m. and is missed, the resident may call City Hall at 817-389-3539 and report the missed garbage the same day.

 What other options are available for disposing of trash?

The City of Cleburne operates a facility that is open to Johnson County residents for a small fee.  They do not take household hazardous waste, but they do accept bulk trash and tires.  They will also accept timber waste.

Please visit their website for additional information:

Their phone number is: 817-641-2236.