Animal Control

The City of Godley does not have a full time Animal Control officer.  We assume this will change as the city grows, but at this time it is the police department’s responsibility to handle calls for service.

Therefore we limit that types of calls we will respond to.

  1. Large animals in the roadway such as Cows or horses

  2. Aggressive dogs

  3. Animals that exhibit signs of possible rabies contamination

We will also set a trap for nuisance pets.  These animals are taken to the vet in Granbury, who will hold them for three days before they are destroyed.

We ask that pet owners register all dogs in the city with us.  All dog owners are required to bring proof of current rabies vaccination and your Driver’s license.  We will give you a tag that you may put on the dog to help ID it.  We also keep a list of all dogs in the city with the dogs name and description as well as the owners name and phone number, so we can attempt to make contact if we find your dog “at large.”

It will also help us, if every time you get your dog vaccinated if you will drop off, email or fax us a copy.  This way we can update our records as well, in case of a dog BITE situation.

An animal at large citation can be as much as $500.00 but usually will run about $300.00 for a first offense.  We would rather be here protecting you and your property, not taking an animal to Granbury, so please keep your animal under your control.

Please be a responsible pet owner and have your animals Spayed or Neutered, especially if the animal is an outside animal.

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