Water & Wastewater FAQs


 What phone number do we call for after hour and weekend emergencies?

After regular business hours, call 682-459-5007 to report water and sewer emergencies.  Please leave a message with your name, address, and contact information.  You will be contacted.

 What do I do if my sinks and bathtubs are draining slowly?

Call Public Works at 817-389-3539 during regular business hours. We may be able to help with your problem.

 What do I do if water is coming out of a manhole in the street?

Call Public Works immediately at 817-389-3539 during regular business hours. A crew will be sent to investigate the problem.

 If water is coming out of the meter box does that mean I am being charged for it?

Not unless your meter is turning. In any case, you should contact Public Works at 817-389-3539, and let us send someone out to investigate.

 What do I do if I don't have any water pressure?

Call Public Works at 817-389-3539, and a crew will be dispatched to check out the problem.

 How is the sewer charge figured?

We figure sewer using "Winter Quarter averaging." This means we take the consumption billed in January, February and March, average it together and that's what you are billed for sewer all year long. If you have questions about this, please contact City Hall at 817-389-3539.

You have the following payment options: online through our payments website; pay in person at City Hall, placing in drop box in the front porch of City Hall; or mailing your payment to: City of Godley, PO Box 27, Godley, TX 76044.

 Can I change the due date of my bill?

Unfortunately, no.