Tips to protect yourself

The Godley Police Department works to protect you, your family and your property every day 24/7.  We are here nights, holidays and weekends doing our best to make sure you have a great quality of life.  But we can only do so much, we need your help.

GPD believes in the Community Policing style of Law Enforcement.  But we cannot do this job alone, we need you, the COMMUNITY, to be involved.

We also want to remind you of the Department of Homeland Security’s advice:

“See something, say Something.” 

If you see something or someone who appears suspicious or just out of the ordinary, please call 817 556-6060 to report the information.

We have two engravers available for you to borrow to put your name, driver’s license, phone number or some other identifying information on your valuables in case they are lost or stolen.

We have some links to some safety and Crime Prevention Tips.

If you are leaving town, please fill out the Vacation Watch Request and send it to the PD or drop it off.

Be safe