Godley Police Department

Our Mission


As a member of the GODLEY POLICE Department, I commit to provide and maintain the highest quality service, provide a safe and secure environment, and strive for excellence in my profession.  My partnership with the community will be based on respect, pride, honor, courage and dignity. My ethical standards will not be compromised.

Vision Statement:

To preserve the high quality of life and feeling of safety for the city's diverse population, all members of the Godley Police Department are committed to serve with professionalism respect and concern for the community.

 The department philosophy and work processes reflect modern, quality law enforcement concepts and technology, involving every member of the department in an effort to continually improve all areas of administration and operations. Quality leadership at all levels reflects the department's commitment to a strong work ethic, while valuing diversity, promoting effective learning, enhancing and maintaining flexibility.

Core Values:

Service, Excellence, Integrity, Compassion, and Pride: